Newborn baby photoshoot MiltonKeynes/ bedfordshire/Northampton 

I am a newborn baby photographer based at Milton Keynes providing professional newborn baby photoshoot services for Milton Keynes, Luton , Bedfordshire, Northampton, Olney, Aylesbury and Leighton buzzard.

 A newborn baby is so tiny and pure bundle of joy. After carrying baby in womb for a long 9 months while waiting patiently every second her to arrive, you can’t stop cuddling her. Those first few days baby comes with unique details.  It is that time when you can get them captured in photographs, all their perfect details to memory.

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” 

– Eda J. Le Shan

I am fully trained in all aspect of newborn baby posing and safety. Your baby’s comfort and well-being is our #1 priority. I will never attempt or force certain poses when it’s clearly not comfortable for the baby. When one baby can be very relaxed in some poses, the same set up may not be as ideal for another. 

I strive to create a unique experience for my each client. I love to create each session fully styled to my clients needs.  That is why I always keep myself looking for trending custom props for newborn sessions. I have many beautiful custom hand knitted outfits, props ranging from bed, beds, bowls, buckets, baskets, and so much more. 

Your newborn baby will only be this little once and choosing Papaya Peach Photography to capture every detail of your precious miracle is a decision you will never regret. Preserving these memories allows you to look back at these images for years to come and cherish every part of your baby long after they’ve grown.


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FAQ related to newborn baby photoshoot miltonkeynes

Q- When Is The Best Time To Book A Newborn Session?

A- In order to give my clients the most customised experience I take a very limited amount of sessions per month therefore typically book up 2-3 months in advance. I would give you a provisional date according to due date which would change according to newborn arrival.

Newborn Baby photography sessions are best scheduled within the first 14 days of birth when baby is still very sleepy and fresh out of the womb so that they are easily mouldable into those cute little poses that you see. This way we get the beautiful sleepy, curly poses you see in my portfolio.

Depending on when our scheduled babies arrive, we may have last-minute session availability….so if your baby is already here, please reach out to see if I can still accommodate you.

Q- Where Do Sessions Take Place?

A- All of my studio work (Newborn Sessions & Other Indoor Portrait Sessions) are shot at my in-home studio located in Milton Keynes.

Family and maternity sessions are shot within Milton Keynes & surrounding area or in studio .

Q- How Much Will My Photos Cost?

A- For pricing please visit here – Newborn photography in Milton Keynes

All prices shown on this website are inclusive of a digital gallery of high-resolution, edited, un watermarked no. of images you have purchased with print release.

At Papaya Peach Photography, we believe in serving our clients with full transparency and will never bait-and-switch or require our clients to attend a high-pressure sales appointment after their sessions. There are no other hidden charges.

Q- What to bring?

A- When you have booked your newborn session with me I will send you a detailed information sheet on how to prepare for your session along with what to expect during the session.
You don’t need to bring any dress or props for baby, I have them all.  Bring few things like 2- 3 extra nappies, towels and food supply for baby for 3 hours.

The only thing you might want to take is your sentimental items. This can be a blanket, a piece of jewelery, a tieback, or your wedding rings. 

Q- What about circumcision?

 A- We will schedule at least five days after procedure. 

Q- What to dress the baby in?

A- Nothing over the head; zip-up or snap-up onesie/sleeper,

Bring a pacifier. ESSENTIAL! The “soothie” pacifiers are best for newborns. Make sure the baby has on a loose diaper to prevent diaper lines for photographs. 

Q- How long will  the newborn session last? 

A- There is no way to determine how long a newborn session will take. It all depends on the baby but approximately two-four hours. So please schedule your day accordingly. We keep sessions relaxed & low stress.

Q- Is newborn photography safe?

A- The answer is yes! That said, you will want to  make sure you are entrusting your baby not only to someone skilled at photography, but also at working with babies. 

I always make sure the health and safety of your newborn is my first concern.  Safety always comes first which is why I am fully trained in safe newborn posing.
My photo sessions are always baby led, you will never be rushed and always cater for feeds, nappy changes to ensure you really get the best from your experience.

Q- Can I recommend any specific poses?

A- Yes, you can recommend poses but it would totally depend on baby and how they are feeling. Due to safety reasons, I will try not but guarantee specific poses. I like to do what the baby likes and not force any poses. Some babies just do not like specific poses. That is what makes a newborn session unique.